Open the doors of Mer Toone to find yourself in the welcoming neighborhood of Old Malatia. Stroll down the cobble-stoned streets of this cordial setting as it once was generations ago. Embrace the warm atmosphere as you start feeling yourself at home…

The streets, backyards, and the homes have been recreated to take you back to historic Malatia, where homes are filled with light and vibrant with laughter once again, where the neighbors’ doors are always open, welcoming old and new faces alike. The streets are noisy once more, with children playing their carefree childhood away, while their grandparents enjoy an impassioned match of Nardi under the heavenly shade of the grand mulberry tree, standing proud as a symbol of birth, of life, of family.

The recreated homes revive the spirit of Old Malatia, ensuring that every visiting friend will experience a strong feeling of reminiscence to one’s own neighborhood and find a setting dearest to one’s heart. Therefore, Our Home Restaurant is perfect for all kinds of events – friend gatherings, family reunions, family dinners, etc. Live entertainment starts from 7:00 pm.
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