Armenians are known for their traditions and culture, but from among these traditional treasures, few are as deeply venerated as the Toon, one’s Home. For the Armenian people, Toon is not simply a dwelling, nor a place that provides warmth and protection, but a whole ideology of its own, an invaluable phenomenon.

Toone is a living symbol of Armenian heartfelt hospitality, which welcomes family and foreigners with open doors and a feast fit for a king. It is on this affection and love that neighbors stay together, relatives remain close, and families are kept strong.

Heritage, hospitality, family – these keystones of Toone have been revived anew at Mer Toone, inspiring the heart and spirit of customs within the homes and halls the restaurant complex. We have strived to create an experience of tradition, an opportunity to communicate with a cultural identity, an occasion to encounter new art and life, while you spend your stay at Mer Toone, your Toone.
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